[BND] BREAKING: Heineken Sales Up 4.5% in Quarter; Volume Off 4.2%

Good Morning. It's Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

Heineken N.V. reports its revenue grew 4.5% in the third quarter, 5.8% for the year-to-date, despite a 4.2% decline in beer volume (-5.1% for the year). Premium beer volume fell even more

More Consumers Want to Buy Spirits via DtC Shipping

In a just-released report, Sovos ShipCompliant said 87% of regular craft spirits drinkers saying they want to be able to legally purchase craft spirits via DtC shipping, up from 80% in 2022. The report also found that: * The majority (82%) of regular craft spirits drinkers said that U.S. laws

CBrands Tops, Expands Water Restoration Goal

Constellation Brands said it has achieved its original target to restore ahead of plan about 1.1 billion gallons of water withdrawals from local watersheds and is now targeting to restore an incremental 4 billion gallons within the same timeframe, for a total of 5 billion gallons of water withdrawals

Balcones Distilling Marks 15th Year, Launches New Texas Single Malt: Cataleja

"Cataleja Texas Single Malt is one of the most complex and unique whiskies we've made," said Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling. A first taste will be offered Saturday (10/28) at Balcones Distillery's 15th Anniversary celebration in Waco, Texas. It will then be available in limited release.

The Martini is Back

The Martini is back in a big way – at bars, on social media, and at home, too. It’s no secret that the Espresso Martini has become a consumer favorite once more, but now drinkers are clamoring for classic Martinis, Dirty Martinis, Pornstar Martinis, and beyond.

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