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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday.  It's August  22, 2023.

Farm Together Buys Hidden Oaks Vineyard

Hidden Oaks Vineyard in Clements, Calif., was recently purchased for $3.2 million by FarmTogether Inc. The 102-acre organic cabernet sauvignon vineyard will continue its operations with the new owners overseeing the business management and production of the vineyard. The Land Advisors Organization's agriculture specialists Quinn Mulrooney and Jonathan Kendall

Line 39 Launches New Organic Wines

Line 39 Wines, a Top 20 Premium wine brand and Certified B Corp., expands its portfolio to reach shoppers in the growing Better for You category with the release of Line 39 Organic. Crafted by winemaker Alyssa Reynolds, Line 39 Organic includes three new wines sourced from California Certified

Splash Beverage Signs Distributors in Chicago, Mississippi, Georgia

Splash Beverage Group, Inc. said it entered new or expanded distribution agreements with Chicago’s Lakeshore Beverage, Mississippi’s Southern Beverage Co., and Georgia’s United Distributors.  At the same time, Splash announced that Copa di Vino will now be offered in nine Blaze Pizza locations across Southern California. Chicago-based

Go Woke, Go Broke? Not If You're ABI

Did you notice Anheuser-Busch's earnings report?  Yes, its sales were down a bit,. that to the Dylon Malvaney controversy.  But its earnings were up.   That's partially a result of its sheer size globally, of the number of brands it has, of its pricing power.  The same thing is true, notes

Who & What --

Dia Simms, currently CEO, Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal has been named executive chairwoman of the board. Carlos Vigil is hired as president/CEO. He joins from Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, where he led the company's commercial and digital transformation across sales, service & eCommerce.

What We're Reading --

Fraud Claims in Champagne A whistleblower, a former employee of Champagne Didier Chopin, in Soissons, is accusing her former boss of importing wines from the Ardèche and even Spain, blending them with spirits, and artificially injecting carbon dioxide before bottling and selling the concoction as Champagne. (Wine-searcher.com)

F.Y.I. --

These Voters Share Almost No Political Beliefs, but They Agree on One Thing: We’re Failing as a Nation In a recent poll, some Democrats and most Republicans share a sense of doom. (New York Times) Is the US Headed Towards Another Civil War? | Barbara F. Walter | TED Based on

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