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Good Morning, and Happy Thursday. It's November 30, 2023.

44% Go Out More Often; 32% See an On-Premise Visit as a 'Treat' – CGA by NIQ

Over a third of consumers are visiting the On Premise more than usual, despite the cost-of-living crisis and student loan repayments, according to CGA by NIQ’s November Consumer Impact Report . On a continued encouraging note, the vast majority of consumers visiting bars, restaurants and similar venues in the past

80 Large Firms Adopt Practices to Prevent Sales, Marketing of Bev/Al to Underage

More than 80 large companies signed on as members of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking's Global Standards Coaltion pledging to put in place policies and practices to prevent the sale and marketing of alcohol to those underage, are supporting employees and partners with resources, and are working together to

Truly Seltzer Sweeps Offers $350 for Holiday Display Electric Bill, Upgrade in 2024

With holiday electric bills increasing as much as $350 thanks to elaborate light displays, Truly Hard Seltzer is running a sweepstakes to cover the utility bills for festive holiday light enthusiasts through 'Truly Keep It Light Holiday Edition' contest. One grand prize winner will be rewarded with an epic, energy-efficient

Wheel Horse Whiskey Intros Cigar Blend Bourbon

Wheel Horse Whiskey introduced Wheel Horse Cigar Blend Bourbon, a limited-edition whiskey distilled at the historic Green River Distillery in Owensboro, Ky. With just 3,000 bottles available, this limited offering is available online in most states beginning today, along with limited availability on shelves. Cigar Blend whiskeys are a

Angry Orchard 'Solves' Unwanted Gift Problem

Anytime there's a gift exchange there's a good chance someone will get a gift they consider really disappointing. Angry Orchard is offering those folks the opportunity to swap their unwanted gifts for $50 and a year's supply of new Angry Orchard Crisp Imperial Hard Cider. "To be clear, we don't

Von Stiehl Winery to Test AI for Crafting Taste of Wines

"Technology has helped advance wine quality immensely in the last few decades," Brad Schmiling, winery co-owner, said. "Now we want to see if AI can help us raise the flavor bar even higher." But AI requires human taste buds and the input of personal preferences to make recommendations. Schmiling admits

Maker's Mark Fills 1st Certified Regenified Barrel

Maker's Mark said it filled its first Certified Regenified barrel of Maker's Mark whisky. It becomes the first spirits distillate to achieve this certification designated by Regenified, a leading third-party regenerative agricultural verification and supply chain-solution company. With this certification, the brand continues on its long-term mission to cultivate bourbon

Two Roads Brewing, Guy Fieri Launch Spiked Fruit Punch

Guy Fieri, the Food Network television host, has partnered with Two Roads Brewing, to launch the Flavortown Spiked line. The line's debut recipe, Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch, is a next-level boozy refresher that delivers a liquid symphony of fruit sensations and bold, out-of-this-world taste. Inspired by classic fruit punch and

Paulaner Munchner Lager Adopts 16.9 Oz Can

Paulaner USA said its popular Münchner Lager is now available in a convenient new 19.2 oz can. This is Paulaner’s first ever 19.2 oz can and was developed to expand consumer usage occasions for the fastest growing product in the Paulaner USA portfolio. “Consumer demand for

New Firm Uses Biology to Target Invasive Species

A new company that seeks to eradicate invasive species has completed its first fundraising round. Invasive Species Corp.'s first focus products, Zequanox and Piscamycin, provide cost-effective solutions to eradicating the highly invasive Zebra & Quagga Mussels, as well as Asian Carp. These invasive species have massively disrupted the Great Lakes

Wines of Georgia's 2023 Comm Plan Rated 'a Success"

How do you measure success in a strategic communications campaign? One way, of course, might be impressions. Another way is increased sales, and by that measure, Wines of Georgia's 2023 campaign has hit the ball out of the ballpark. “Georgian wine has seen significant growth in the United States, with

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