Bravus Debuts at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Publix

Bravus, America's first brewery dedicated solely to producing premium non-alcoholic craft beer, said it has  continued its national retailer expansion, launching at Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and Publix, while increasing its footprint at Target.  Consumers across twelve states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas will be able to enjoy the refreshing taste of six of Bravus’ celebrated styles.

“Availability of our premium, non-alcoholic craft beers at leading retailers like Target, Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and Publix reinforces the growth of the brand and the non-alcoholic craft beer category, while rewarding our goal of making the best-tasting, premium, non-alcoholic craft beer accessible for new and returning fans of the brand,” said Philip Brandes, CEO and Founder of Bravus Brewing. “These retailers are well known for their industry-leading standards for the brands it puts on shelves, so we are incredibly proud to be a trusted addition to their beer aisle.”