Mother's Day Boosts Velocity 43%, Check Value 18%: CGA by NIQ

Total U.S. On Premise sales have dropped 3% below the same week in 2022, according to CGA by NIQ's U.S. Impact Report, even those traffic is up 1%.  The problem is check value remains negative.

Daily trends over the latest couple of weeks are largely steady, although there are some variations within the key states. Illinois saw negative trends over the latest week, resulting in weekly velocity –9% below April 29. Both California and Florida experienced double-digit growth on Cinco de Mayo vs the previous Friday.

With Mother’s day this past weekend,  Mother’s Day was the most valuable Sunday of 2022, with both traffic (+43%) and Check value +18%) positive vs the average Sunday of the year. While Drinking venues (+14%) saw a slight increase in velocity, trends were led by Eating outlets, +75% up vs the average.

Matthew Crompton, Regional Director – North America, said: “Mother’s Day is a great occasion to give the On Premise another welcome boost in velocity part-way through the year, and indicates the approaching summer months. 2022 performance gives many operators and suppliers an indication of how fruitful this day can be and how important an understanding if consumers’ behavior for occasion such as this can help to optimize strategies in 2023”.

In Florida, sales velocity is now flat compared to both year-over-year and April 29, 2023.  In Illinois, sales velocity is down 4% from a year earlier and 8% lower than on the previous weekend, April 29.  California sales velocity is flat year-over-year, but up 3% from April 29.  And in New York, sales velocity is up 1% year-over-year, but down 4% from the previous weekend, April 29.  Texas sales velocity is down 5% from the previous year, but up 3% from the April 29 weekend.

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