Control States Spirits Volume Up 1.7% in September

Total Control States spirits sales grew 1.7% in 9L volume with a positive 5% in sales showing a resultant +3.3% price mix (up from +1.5% in August).  The rolling 12-month results are trending slightly down from August with a 0.3% increase  in 9L volume and +3.3% in salesl.

Tequila and Cocktails (driven by canned cocktails) continue to be the growth drivers in September.  The 17.3% growth in Other Imported Whisky is driven predominantly by 2 brands, one of which is new to market (with no sales in 2021).

Wine declined 6.2% in 9L volume and 6.3% in sales for the month showing a flat price mix of -0.1%. The rolling 12-month result is -6.1% in 9L volume and -2.6% in $Vol.  The six markets where the state is the sole wholesaler for wines account for 99.4% of the $Vol.

For spirits, the On-Premise channel grew 5.4% in 9L volume with sales more than growth more than doubling (+11.6%) showing a positive price mix of +6.3%. Rolling 12-month 9L volume is at +23.7% with $Vol at +30.4%.  The channel represents 17.3% of the total Control States spirits value for September up from 16.4% for Rolling 12-months.  Wines in the channel were -4.8% in 9L volume and -0.4% in $Vol.

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