Jack Daniel's Ranked 9th Most Patriotic Brand

Eighty percent of consumers surveyed by Brand Keys think patriotism is important, and of the 1,381 brands assessed, Jack Daniel's was ranked No. 9 in meeting today's patriotism challenge. It was also the only alcoholic beverage in the top 50.

The top two spots were taken by Jeep and Ford, followed by Levi Strauss, Coca-Cola, Disney, Walmart, Harley-Davidson, and Apple.

“The brandscape is now more challenging, tribal, and political,” observed Passikoff. “Even with balanced consumer samples, partisan antipathy – more powerful than any point since the survey was initiated in 2001 ¬– is manifesting itself in both the political and consumer arenas.”

“That said, brands do manage to rise to the top. This year consumers added 10 new brands to the top 50 most patriotic,” Passikoff noted. Those include Mattel (Barbie), Calvin Klein, Target, Heinz, American Eagle Outfitters, Hanes, Converse, Oreos (Mondelez), Revlon, and Home Depot.

Despite Ideological Differences Patriotism Matters

Even in today’s environment consumers care about patriotism. Eighty percent (80%, +9 YOY) felt patriotism was “extremely” (41%) or “very” (39%) important. Fifteen percent (15%) thought it “somewhat” important. Only 5% said it was “not very/not at all” important. “As a brand value, ‘patriotism’ provides tangible economic advantages,” said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys. “Brands that engage via ‘patriotism’ always see better behavior, better ROMI, and better bottom lines. Usually six times better.”

“These brand rankings do not mean to suggest that other brands are not patriotic or don’t possess patriotic resonance or intent,” noted Passikoff. But how brands are ultimately seen – on all values, by all consumers – is complicated, more exacting, more political, and more partisan. Marketers need to do value-specific drill downs like this one.

"And, as it concerns patriotism specifically, it takes more than fireworks, wrapping your brand in the flag, or weekend holiday sales,” observed Passikoff, “But if you can meaningfully connect to the value of patriotism, consumers don’t just stand up and salute, they stand up and buy!”

U.S. Armed Services – Always #1

While the annual Brand Keys survey focuses on for-profit brands, assessments for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy are included. “Consumers rated the armed services #1, as they have since the survey was first conducted,” said Passikoff. “We recognize that and, as always, thank them for their service.”

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