July 4 Drives Double-Digit Velocity Increase On Premise

US On Premise outlets, primarily bars and restaurants, saw a double-digit velocity increase on Independence Day (+47%) compared to the previous Tuesday, Matthew Crompton, regional director-North America for CGA by NIQ.

The days surrounding the celebration also experienced significant uplift, he said, with Monday achieving a 35% uplift followed by 38% on the Wednesday. Notably, California experienced the most significant Independence Day uplift, up by 73% compared to the previous Tuesday, but this positive trend extended across all key provinces.

"This highlights a promising view of consumers actively celebrating and gathering with family and friends during national holidays. As such, this presents an exciting opportunity for suppliers, brands, and operators to seize significant opportunities by optimizing their strategies, targeting key markets, and capitalizing on consumer trends,” Crompton said.

For the week ended July 15,  the total U.S. On Premise market  grew 4%, and the US On Premise remains slightly above that of last year (1%). Trends in the most recent week are driven by an increase in both traffic (2%) and check value (2%). While check value remains ahead of last year (+3%), ticket count continues to be slightly behind the same week in 2022 (-2%). Florida (+4%) and New York (+3%) are the best performing states vs last year, while Illinois (-6%) remains slightly behind 2022 velocity.