Onehope Winery Passes $10 Million in Donations to Charities

 Onehope, a Napa Valley winery founded with the mission to change the world by sharing wine and giving hope is pleased to announce surpassing ten million dollars in donations to more than 40,000 unique charities as part of the brand commitment that every bottle gives back.

ONEHOPE's platform enables people to raise money for any nonprofit of their choice by donating 10% of purchases to causes that are important to them. Through wine fundraisers, the brand continues to democratize the Napa Valley wine tasting experience - and empowers people to gather together around wine to share and support the causes that matter most to them. Jake Kloberdanz, founder/ceo, says: "Our service is connecting people, and we do it through wine tastings. Our product is hope, and it happens to come with an incredible bottle of wine!"

Significant global programming that has been funded by Onehope to date includes funding over 3 million meals to children in need, planting an entire forest in Indonesia and building three schools, providing clean water for over 80,000 people in Africa and India, and bringing solar power to communities in Colombia that had none. In the last year alone, Onehope supported over 10,000 nonprofits with the majority going to health related nonprofits, followed by animal rescues, helping children, educational resources and hunger relief.

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