Santa Teresa Unveils New 'Great Rum, Greater Purpose' Campaign

Santa Teresa, Venezuela's oldest producer of award-winning single-estate rum, debuts its latest ad campaign, "Great Rum, Greater Purpose," for the first time getting to the heart of the transformational journey integral to Santa Teresa's mission. Through a captivating visual exploration of the meticulous process behind crafting the family-owned brand's renowned triple-aged Solera rum and ongoing work through Project Alcatraz, a social reintegration program run through the "Fundación Santa Teresa," the campaign serves as a testament to the brand's dedication to exceptional rum craftsmanship and meaningful societal impact.

The new campaign, shot entirely at the Hacienda Santa Teresa in Venezuela's Aragua Valley, highlights the artistry behind the creation of the single estate rum and the key figures who embody the spirit of resilience and transformation that defines Santa Teresa, including Master Distiller, Nancy Duarte, and Anther Herrera, one of the many ex-gang members whose life was changed by Santa Teresa's Project Alcatraz program and who recently led the Alcatraz Rugby Club to win this year's National Rugby Club League championship.

Since its launch in 2003, Project Alcatraz has provided social rehabilitation and career opportunities at the Hacienda Santa Teresa to more than 200 ex-gang members and provided education opportunities to more than 2,000 youth participants through Project Alcatraz's youth prevention program. Since 2013, Project Alcatraz's methodology has been implemented across 34 penitentiary centers in Venezuela, spreading the mission outside of the Hacienda's territory and expanding career opportunities to the greater Venezuelan community.

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