Santo Spirits Announces 1st Loyalty Program

Spirits innovator Sammy Hagar and Grammy/Emmy Award winning musician Guy Fieri announced Santo Spirits first consumer loyalty program.

The Santo Spirits Club leverages Web3 technology powered by Trident3's NEAR Protocol which provides a seamless, secure, and digitally-native experience for loyalists to earn exclusive rewards for their continued relationship with Santo Spirits. Fans who sign up to be founding members of the Santo Spirits Club loyalty program at will receive a “mystery” NFT and other benefits.

The NFT’s utility will be revealed upon the launch of the new Añejo. The number of rewards received is not limited -- those who continue to engage with the brand can earn more collectibles and utility opportunities, which are connected directly to Santo’s unique brand.

Dan Butkus, Santo Spirits president/ceo, said, “Santo is a leader in the spirits category, continuously embracing new and innovative ways to connect with consumers to build long-lasting & authentic relationships. “The launch of the loyalty program is just the beginning of the partnership between Santo Spirits and Trident3. Both companies are committed to exploring new ways to enhance how fans engage with their favorite spirit and provide new pathways to direct engagement.”