Total US On Premise Velocity Up +20% Versus Last Year: CGA

Total US On Premise velocity is up 20% versus 2022, and also outpacing pre-COVID-19 levels when compared to the same week in 2020, CGA by NielsenIQ reports. This has been driven by both an uptick in visitation levels, and check value.

Daily trends over recent weeks have been variable by state and by day, with the most recent weekend showing positive trends versus the previous week. The exception to this was Illinois, with velocity impacted by recent cold weather and snowfall to the north of the state - with trends of -16% versus the previous Saturday driven by a reduction in traffic.

All key states are positive, lead by New York (+45%) and Illinois (+28%). . This uplift is a result of an increase in both ticket count (+6%) and check value (+14%), with each being positive versus 2022.

Andrew Hummel, client solutions director - North America, said: "While the festive season saw consumers flock to the On Premise, it's clear that the channel is continuing to perform strongly as we move further into 2023, with both ticket count and check value up versus last year and pre-pandemic levels (February 2020).

"With key occasions such as Valentine's Day and the Superbowl on the horizon, drinks suppliers should be considering how to capitalize on how consumers will behave - with key shifts across category consumption, choice of venue, and spend. For example, last year CGA highlighted that while fine dining venues saw an uptick in visitation across Valentine's Day, there are key opportunities for casual dining chains and independently owned restaurants as well."

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