Why A-B May Support an Anti-Gay Politician

It could have been an uncomfortable moment for any CEO.  Appearing on CBS Mornings, the interviewer noted that in years past Anheuser-Busch has supported various LBGTQ activities, such as the aluminum bottle in gay flag colors.  But, she added, A-B has also supported congressmen who oppose the LBTGQ movement.

"So, which is it?" the interviewer asked Brendan Whitworth, CEO.

Whitworth's response was clear and unflinching:  "We support politicians who support our business, things that work for the industry and allow us to grow."  

Whitworth acknowledged "it has been a challenging two weeks" especially because the conversation has become "divisive."

Bud Light should be about bringing people together, Whitworth said.  Instead, one can with Dylan Mulvaney's face on it, caused an eruption.  "We have to understand the event," Whitworth said, "but we also have to understand the impact on our distributors and employees.  Social conversations are taking place, and big brands are in the middle of it right now."

"We want to focus on brewing great been for everyone, to listen to our consumers and employees and to take care of our distributor partners. Consumers want good times, good will and entertainment.  That's all packed in the middle of our summer campaign," Whitworth said.