Channel Specific Plans Key to On-Premise Sales Success

Casual dining chains continue to be the most popular option for On Premise visitation. A resounding 4 in 5 US consumers typically visit the channel, whereas sports bars are a distant second with almost half of all US consumers. But it’s not a one-horse race.

Despite the enduring popularity of the casual dining sector, consumers also enjoy a range of other channels. For example, fine dining venues rank alongside sports bars in terms of the highest visitation levels after casual dining chains, and at least a third of consumers also attend music events/art festivals.

It all adds up to an eclectic mix, where the unique characteristics of each channel needs to be carefully considered, such as who people visit with, purpose of visit, daypart, and what they want to drink. In doing so, brands are empowered to customize strategies and capitalize on them. But the importance of flexibility and nuance in approach can’t be underestimated for realizing best outcomes. For these purposes, brands need to meet the needs of visitors to each specific channel.

While the biggest numbers are attention grabbing, there’s life beyond casual dining chains. Brands suppling to the sector can look to build brand loyalty among highly engaged, weekly visitors. A respectable 35% of casual dining consumers visit the channel weekly, however this is outpaced by the percentage of consumers visiting nightclubs and experiential bars on a weekly basis.

It’s a prime opportunity for brands to consider their best fitting products for venues where consumers are visiting regularly and forming habits, including in channels with smaller overall visitation.

Matthew Crompton, CGA's regional director – North America said: “Overall, the future for the On Premise looks positive, with most visitors likely to continue going to their respective channels in the next 12 months. This underlines the fact that there can be clear long-term rewards for drinks suppliers that implement channel specific plans to attract specific channel visitors. In short, right product, right place, right people.”

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Jamie Larson