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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. It's December 5, 2023.

Science Academies Skew Report on Alcohol and Health; Kick 2 Researchers Off Panel

We logged onto the website of the National Academies of Sciences and were promptly greeted by a front-page panel that tells us the Academies are exploring ways to counter misinformation and share science effectively. We have a suggestion: Begin by understanding that there are an awful lot of folks

Spirits Grow On-Premise for 3d Month, Wine Declines: WSWA SipSource

The 3.6% gain for spirits is the third consecutive month of slowing growth for the sector. Wine on the other hand declined 2.9% in the on-premise, which also has seen slow growth for the past three months. The last uptick in wine on-premise occurred in July, which is

Avaline Promotes Jennifer Purcell to CEO

Avaline joined the wine brand as CFO in May 2020 and was later named President in April 2022. She has been instrumental in driving Avaline’s growth, leading the brand to break into the top 150 wine brands across all price points, and top 25 in ultra-premium brands. Avaline is

Spirit of Gallo Adds Soju to Portfolio

Spirit of Gallo, the No. 3 spirits supplier in the U.S. by volume, announced today that it will add a new category to its fast-growing spirits portfolio: Soju. As a result of the partnership with LOTTE Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd., Gallo will expand the distribution of Soonhari, Chum Churum

TTB Accepts Compromise from Marosi Designs

Marosi Designs, Naperville, Ill., operates a distilled spirits plant from which he allegedly removed ineligible spirits are a reduced rate and did not maintain processing dump and batch records required by statute. Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau calculated Marosi's tax liability at $201,195.62.

Spanish Research Identifies the fungus used to Produce TCA

Scientists have found the cause of "corked wine aroma. Research for the study was funded by the cork industry. It cost about $5 million. Next step: gaining knowledge of the cork tree and work toward producing TCA-free trees

American Martial Artist Is First Celebrity Investor for Hiatus Tequila

As Hiatus Tequila approaches its 5-year anniversary, Kristopher DeSoto, founder of Hiatus Tequila, announced a partnership with Michael Chandler, the American martial artist. They believe will redefine what a celebrity partnership can look like in the spirits industry. Together, they aim to change the narrative by emphasizing authenticity, cultural respect,

Santa Teresa Unveils New 'Great Rum, Greater Purpose' Campaign

Santa Teresa, Venezuela's oldest producer of award-winning single-estate rum, debuts its latest ad campaign, "Great Rum, Greater Purpose," for the first time getting to the heart of the transformational journey integral to Santa Teresa's mission. Through a captivating visual exploration of the meticulous

Wyoming Whiskey Launches 'Made of Wyoming' Campaign

The "Made of Wyoming" campaign showcases Wyoming’s vast landscapes and rugged beauty, from the Bighorn Basin to the Teton Range, and highlights craftsmanship, western tradition, and the sense of adventure intrinsic to the craft distiller and its home state.  The video is here, and we think it's spectacular. “Made

Who & What --

Jessica Pendergrass, general counsel and chief compliance officer of Heaven Hill Distilleries. has been elected chair of the 143-year-old Kentucky Distillers Association. The KDA Board named Ken Lewis of New Riff Distilling as Vice Chair; Gigi DaDan, General Manager of Louisville Distilling Co. as Secretary;

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