Spirit of Gallo Brings VMC Tequila-Based Canned Cocktails to U.S.

Spirit of Gallo will begin distribution of VMC in select markets in September.  VMC is a ready-to-drink tequila-based canned cocktail born from a partnership between world champion boxer Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez, Spirit of Gallo and Casa Lumbre. VMC is a celebration of Mexican heritage, tradition and flavors, founded by one of its most iconic, globally recognized sporting superstars.

VMC is available in three flavors – Paloma, Jamaica Hibiscus Cocktail and Margarita. It is packaged in premium gold-accented cans emblazoned with iconic symbols of Mexican heritage and tradition: an eagle standing atop a piña (the heart of the agave plant) among the agave fields of Jalisco.

"Our roots bring us to where we all are at moment. It is that same spirit that will take us to where we want to go," says Álvarez. Born in Guadalajara and raised in rural Jalisco where the native blue agave is used to craft authentic Mexican tequila, Canelo was inspired to create VMC in honor of this shared heritage. "Today a dream comes to fruition, demonstrating that we are unique and ready to celebrate with the strength that unites us."

"VMC was created and first launched in Mexico led by our partners at Casa Lumbre, and it was a huge success among Canelo's fans," states Britt West, senior vp/general manager of Spirit of Gallo. "We are confident that VMC will capture the hearts and palates of Mexican and Mexican-American consumers in the United States. We are thrilled to embark in this journey together with Canelo."

With its initial release planned for select markets with large Mexican-American populations, VMC is the first canned cocktail to be aimed primarily at the Mexican audience in the US. The Hispanic population is the second largest in America as well as the fastest-growing demographic. More specifically, Mexicans represent 62% of Hispanics in the US, while also driving growth within the demographic.

"Tequila is not only Mexico's spirit of choice but is also the third largest and fastest-growing major spirit category in the US2," continues West. "Pre-mixed cocktails and flavored alcohol beverages are driving growth in the market, each up 14%3. So, consumers are looking for canned cocktails and full-flavor styles, but until now there hasn't been an authentic Mexican offering in this category. VMC is here to change that."

VMC will be available in the U.S. starting in September, sold in four packs of 355mL slim cans ($10.99 SRP). The Paloma and Jamaica Hibiscus Cocktails are also available in a 700mL resealable can ($4.99 SRP). VMC is 5.5% ABV per serving.